Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Discovered

Whenever I'm bored or unable to sleep (generally equaling in boredom) I like to putter around youtube watching videos of bands. I actually just got back from a very long night and a Best Coast concert in Philly and logically I know i should go to bed right now and get some sleep and go to my internship in the morning, and on the other hand I really want to listen to Dead Ghosts (who I truly just discovered about 5 hours ago) and the growlers and play my electric guitar with the amp turned up, I am not (playing the guitar that is, I am listening to dead ghosts). Because it is 2:30 in the morning, and I would probably wake up the entire neighborhood. So I decided to blog. But because all my pictures from tonight are on rolls of film, and that film hasnt been developed I cant post those. So instead I'm going through some of the videos to some of my favorite songs to share them here. Whether you like them or not (although you should...just sayin)

I'm apologizing now for my attempts at humor and sarcasm, whenever i get really tired I also seem to get very "witty" (note the sarcastic quotations).

#1 (this is in NO particular order): Wandering Eyes by the Growlers

dont f*** it up
The face, the voice, what more can I say

#2 (if this were in any particular order this video would probably be number uno): Ty Segall live at Permanent Records

I love him I love him I love him
and dont even get me started on how much I would kill to be emily rose (the drummer)

#3: Easy/Lucky/Free by Bright eyes (aka Conor Oberst)

this is impossible not to like


  1. :D I do the same,its so easy though when you go on youtube,you watch one then you click on another and another and so on,and sometimes its worth it because you can come across something new,a new love like you have.
    Hope your well and have a wonderful weekend,listening to your new music :)

  2. i do the same thing sometimes when i' bored.. i start on a video and then go jumping on different ones from the recomendations i get from the last one hahahahah its a good way to find new music!