Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ben Franklin Bridge

Saturday the 21st was Dr. Dog's closing show for the XPoNential festival. Well, it was actually Wilco's show, opened by Avett Brothers, opened by Dr. Dog, but they were reason we went. It took us a bit of while to get out of the hose. The night before, after spending a few hours shredding guitar with Nicole i decided I hated all my clothes, so instead of doing laundry until I found something forgotten about to wear (cause that would just take so much time and effort) I decided to make myself a new outfit! So I showed up at my friends house the next day with my clothes in pieces, and finished them in her basement while she watched old episodes of Gilmore Girls.

We got a bit of a late start, but somehow managed to make it from Lancaster to Camden just in time.

Photo cred: random girl outside the bathrooms

We were pretty happy

It's funny, whenever anyone uses my Nikkormat, once they take a picture they automatically tilt it to check the picture, and you can just see the flicker of confusion flash across their face, its been so long since they took a picture on something that didn't let them see it instantly.

Pulling into the parking lot, every car was playing Dr. Dog, even though they were opener, I guess because they're a Philly band and it was (more or less) Philly turf.

The drive, almost there on the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Maureen's the best because she always drives, even if it means burning gas in traffic jams

***all images are taken by me, (unless stated otherwise) with a vintage film Nikon Nikkormat SLR (unless stated otherwise)

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  1. Very much he appeals for me oneself your blog! He is interesting and has interesting entries! ;p
    I wish the nice weekend.
    I am also inviting to my blog:
    I am greeting. Patricja :))

  2. Sounds like massive fun. I haven't hit a concert since a month ago and that was a small venue in a club so I'm really looking forward to heading to a proper gig sometime soon.

  3. hehe seems like so mic fun! xx :D

    (Brent blogpost was a tad misleading, I didn't really get o go to the olympics...otherwise that would have been awesome, I took the pictures whilst watching tv! have mentioned it on blogpost now too!£

    have a lovely day!