Saturday, August 25, 2012

the Extra-Ordinary goes collegiate.

I've been a little remis in my posting this past month, but ill make up for it (not really) tonight.

This is my first post from college. As a freshman, in my dorm room, after all the awkward and entertaining orientation activities.

This was my life in august: waitressing job. gallery job. waitressing job. concert with Maureen (M83). gallery job. waitressing job. concert with Nicole (MGMT). pack (attempt to). waitressing job. gallery job. buy things. hang out with nicole. crochet. pack. waitressing job. gallery job... you get the gist.

but now I'm all moved in. (pics may follow later)

That's all I'll take time to say now, so i can go reply to all the comments I've ungraciously ignored the past month. Not to mention (try to) get some sleep.