the Liebster
"...The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning : Liebster, is German, and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome." 

Thanks to Pricilia Chang of Panda Greentea

1. What's your Ultimate Dream: I've had a lot of 'ultimate dreams' in my life by right now I think that it's to ultimately live a life I am proud of. To find what I love, what makes me the most happy and to run with and succeed at. And to travel. I want to see as many places of the world as possible.

2. What's your ultimate destination for traveling: Honestly, I'm not sure. I haven't had the opportunity to go many places, but the places I always feel the most contented at are beaches, The rough ones however, not the mild current-less ones. Wherever I go I like there to be the sound of waves crashing.

3. Most favorite acessorie: probably my pair of Steve Madden combat boots. These things are gorgeous, and so unique.

4. What's the best blogpost from my blog: I like your post on Ribbon Accenting.

5.  What's your favorite social networking site: Confession, I actually hate social networking sites, for the most part, is that bad for a blogger?

6. What's your blog about: It's about a really rather ordinary girl in one of the most mundane rural areas on the eastern seaboard (probably the country). This is my way to make the Extra-Ordinary activities and outfits and art in my life somehow more exciting. My art and photography site can be accessed here: MRGvisual

7. What Inspired you to start blogging: Honestly probably blogging, a way to get my name out, a way to share the things I make and do and find interesting.

8. Favorite shop to buy shoes from: I haven't found one. Honestly, while I love designers I try to ignore them when it comes to shopping. I buy so much of my wardrobe thrift and vintage, that when it comes down to it, if it's a good price and looks expensive I'll wear it, regardless of the label.

9. Best Fashion Trend so far: that's another thing I don't really put much weight into. I honestly can't say. I like the oxford trend. I'm also starting to like denim on denim but I hated it for a while. My tastes have changed so much that things I swore I would never wear have worked their way into my wardrobe and the things I used to live in have all been donated to goodwill. In another 5 years it will very well be switched again. I take trends with a grain of salt, anything that only lasts one season can't be that good to begin with.

10. Designer Dress your dying to own: I'd have to say anything from Hussein Chalyan's spring 2007 or Alexander McQueen's fall 2008. These collections were what made me really see fashion as an art, a performance, a way to get lost in something. One of those pieces would be the ultimate dress I could own.

11. How many dresses do you own that are worth over $100.00: ummm, 2? maybe 3? I think I got them on sale to. Being able to sew clothes can really kindof ruin the the whole shopping for them. When something is marked up really high and I can tell that the fabric cost under $10 a yard and the construction is really simple I just cant justify paying the money the store is asking. For me to buy an expensive dress, or expensive anything, it really has to be special. aka something I could never recreate.

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