Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to Blogging

After a very long absence, and a stint on tumblr (which I still have at I have decided to come to this blog. Unfortunately, however, I discovered that all of my uploaded photos have been replaced with a grey circle and white dash. I'm not sure why, and am not sure if I will be able to fix it. However regardless, my futur posts will be hopefully unaffected. So why come back: I need an outlet for my creativity, on a platform that I am familiar with and comfortable. Starting a new blog always seems so daunting, so I figured I might as well come back to one that I had already created.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

an exercise in creativity

For the past few years, including this past summer my mother has tried in vain to get me to start creative journaling. It's not that I didn't want to, I did, but I just could not free myself up to really be able to do it.  I bought sketchbooks, I read books about it, I googled it...but the second my pen went to the page I froze. I could doodle, I could draw meaningless lines and write subpar poetry, but I just could not journal: creatively or otherwise.

I have two majors, one is Digital Communications, and the other is Art. One of my required courses for that major is a class called Visual Thinking. I was so excited for that class, until I heard my professor say the words creative journal and my stomach froze up in knots. In fact, I'm in my third week of class and my stomach is still in knots.

I had made a halfhearted attempt on one page when my friend Nicole made the 45 minute trek to come study with me. I was telling her about the class and she of course grabbed the journal to see it when I told her I hadn't really started yet. She asked why and I admitted I was scared to because I'm horrible at it. I got laughed at. And that laughter makes sense. Creativity can be more or less anything nowadays, so I can put anything in my journal, can't I? There is no right outcome.

I do have a few pages half finished, and I think I might be able to handle it, and possible enjoy the assignment now.

Source: via Molly on Pinterest
Source: via Molly on Pinterest

Some creative journaling via pintrest! ***none of these pics are my journal, just inspiration!!***

Source: via Molly on Pinterest

While I've been journaling away, I seem to have started listening to a lot of pop punk music, not really sure why considering my go to's have always been indie, folk, or psychadelic rock.
I've been really digging Man Overboard as of late.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the Extra-Ordinary goes collegiate.

I've been a little remis in my posting this past month, but ill make up for it (not really) tonight.

This is my first post from college. As a freshman, in my dorm room, after all the awkward and entertaining orientation activities.

This was my life in august: waitressing job. gallery job. waitressing job. concert with Maureen (M83). gallery job. waitressing job. concert with Nicole (MGMT). pack (attempt to). waitressing job. gallery job. buy things. hang out with nicole. crochet. pack. waitressing job. gallery job... you get the gist.

but now I'm all moved in. (pics may follow later)

That's all I'll take time to say now, so i can go reply to all the comments I've ungraciously ignored the past month. Not to mention (try to) get some sleep.

Monday, July 30, 2012

What's up Bethany?

My last post was about me and Nicole's trip up to Phily to see Best Coast. This is during the show. 

These are my four favorite photos I was able to snap of Best Coast, it was my first time using my film camera at a show so I wasn't totally sure if they would all turn out or now. But the risk was worth it. They were opened by Those Darlins and DIIV (pronounced dive: as in "i want to 'dive' into the pool of mud" I used a whole roll of film up during those two performances, but somewhere between slipping the roll into my bag and coming home it vanished. I have the sinking feeling that it currently resides with the dust bunnies and 12ft ladder underneath the Union transfer stage. But if it one day miraculously turns up then I'll be sure to share those photos as well.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

quite a long drive, a very long walk and a wonderful night.

This is going back to 7/16, but I finally scanned in my pictures from Me and Nicole's adventure in Philly the other week so now I'm sitting on my bed at midnight listening to Girls (the band, not actually other human girls, they're also not even girls, definitely boys, slightly misleading but very good music) I should be painting, or cleaning, or packing for college...but I'm not, I'm doing this.

Our adventures start in the car

(nicole is wearing one of her crocheted flower rings, click the kitty at the bottom of the page for the link to her store)

So many spots, right outside Union Transfer too

 I made my skirt, and cut up and added embroidered detailing to the Pink Floyd shirt 


We walked for what felt like over a mile to get to Starbucks and kill some time

Waiting to get inside and see Best Coast

Pictures from the show will come later


(Click the kitty and it'll take you to nicole's shop!)

ps. did I mention that I'm now on tumblr too?

***all images taken with a vintage Nikon Nikkormat film SLR