Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm really getting into the whole minimalism thing....

Oh! and check out the music of these incredible guys I know, The Districts. If you like what you hear you can get their music on itunes or bandcamp. And everyone should take a second to vote for them here. They deserve to win so much.

Monday, June 11, 2012

pot painting

a few weeks ago when I went to my college for next year to schedule classes and meet with my advisor, and they gave every one a plant! why, im not entirely sure, but its pretty and needed a pot. So, the other day I went out to a local garden store/green house and picked up a terracotta pot, which I'm now painting to give me something to do, and to make it a little more special.

handy dandy web cam pictures of my makeshift setup....
                    ....the beginning stages of priming and painting my pot!
...My wonderful pink track jacket protecting me from the arctic chill of june...It's supposed to be sunny and warm!

The Playlist:
Dumpster Dive--Black Lips
Make You Mine--Best Coast
All or Nothing--Au Revoir Simone
Used to Be--Beach House
You must be a Witch (Lollipop Shoppe Cover)--Black Lips
The Only Place--Best Coast
Big Adventure--Blitzen Trapper
40 Day Dream--Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's
Love Cats--Cursive
These Old Shoes--Deer Tick
Nosebleed Sun--the Growlers
One More Night in Brooklyn--Justin Townes Earle
How can you swallow so much Sleep--Bombay Bicycle Club
Styrofoam Plates--Deathcab for Cutie
Baltimore Blues No. 1--Deer Tick
He Hit Me--Grizzly Bear
It Hurts Every Time--Good Old War
Wandering Eyes--the Growlers
My Sunshine--Ty Segall
The Curse--Cults
Peace Like a River--Spoon
Tell Her No--Tennis
Baby's Got a Bad Idea--Justin Townes Earle
Anywhere You Looked--Au Revoir Simone
Shift--Grizzly Bear
Move Over Mamma--Justin Townes Earle
Gone Gone Gone--the Donkeys
Amazing Eyes--Good Old War
Tears in the Typing Pool--Tennis
Sad Fuzz--Ty Segall

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hang in there kid, it's only tuesday...

Going to barnes and noble + scalding my tounge on chai + shattering my plate and cookie on the floor = the summation of what this week has been.

But the pain in my mouth is subsiding. They brought me a new cookie and I didn't even have to ask. I have two art books beside me. And have my relaxing playlist (alabama shakes, the mynabirds, tennis....) piping through my headphones to soothe me down.

Oh yea, and I'm officially done with the past 13 years of my life (high school) tomorrow, and one step closer to my next journey (college).

Maybe there's hope for this week after all.

Book: Art From Intuition

Definition of intuition (their version): In-tu-i-tion:1). last nights dream + impulsive idea + weird uncle + too much coffee + mystical vision + unrequited desire = Intuition.

This book is filled with tons of exercises to reconnect with the childlike simplicity of drawing, and separating the over analytical mind from the art.

I cant wait to experiment with some of the techniques!

the playlist:

1. The Cities That You've Burned: Adam Haworth Stephens
2. Hold on: Alabama Shakes
3. Cold Love: Tim Kasher
4. Stamp: The Rural Alberta Advantage
5. Numbers Don't Lie: The Mynabirds
6. Tell Her No: Tennis
7. Outta My System: My Morning Jacket
8. The Only Place: Best Coast
9. Without a Word: Birdy
10. Yellow: Coldplay
11. From the Hips: Cursive
12. Happy Accident: Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova
13. Tiptoe Through the True Bits: Los Campesinos!
14. The Sound: Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson
15. Underneath the Sycamore: Death Cab for Cutie
16. California: Delta Spirit
17. The Old Days: Dr. Dog
18. Brooklyn Stars: Mat Pond Pa
19. Waiting in an Airport: River City Extension
20. Don't Know Who we Are: The Donkeys
21. Wandering Eyes: The Growlers
22. Days are Nights: Golden Boots
23. I am With You: Ty Segall
24. Bedroom Eyes: Dum Dum Girls

Saturday, June 2, 2012

the old days

We all have a time period we wish we could go back and visit. The late 60's is mine...i guess im a hippie at heart.

(the post title is this song by current artist Dr. Dog...