Monday, July 2, 2012

getting into that whole non-digital thing

 I've recently started using my grandfathers old Nikon Nikkormat film SLR. I've just been getting the feel of it for the past week but here are some pictures from my first roll of film.

mirror posing

a black and brown painting of mine

floor lounging (i think this one is my favorite)

mirror standing

window sitting

 lamp and paintbrushes (ties for favorite)

a three-panal graphite portrait of bob dylan, janis joplin, and mick jagger

driving in the city (second, and maybe tied for first favorite...)


  1. gorgeous photo's! we love this post!


    ps. we are sorry, we forgot to open the give-away! you can now really enter ;)

  2. analogic pictures are always the best!!!!

  3. Amazing pictures! They really captured the moment - there is no retaking and deleting with film.

    Mary Jane

  4. Im thinking you change your fav to the car one and then second fav window sitting!!! they are my favs :) I loveee film cameras...its the fun of NOT knowing which pictures are gonna be great til after :)


  5. These are truly stunning. I love the way you capture ordinary scenarios in a beautiful way. I would love to have the chance to have a play around with one of these camera.

  6. Wow you're so lucky that you got given a snazzy camera like that!
    The photos look beautiful, they have a really warm feeling to them :) Did you put any filters on them at all or is that just the way the came out??


  7. I like them!
    i think i like analogue more than digital, since it's a surprise what you get :)
    but i don't photograph a lot analogue.. maybe i should do that! :)

  8. nice shots! <3

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  9. I love the flour lounging photo!! Great camera!
    And great blog you have, check mine if you like.


  10. Great Blog!
    I loved all of the photos, that camera may be old but it is great!
    Yeah I love the car photo the most ;)

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  11. Love these pics, I think it was a great idea to use an old camera, you did a really great job dear <3
    Would you like to follow each other? It would be nice to keep in touch ;)

    Kisses ;*

  12. I love the window sitting picture,lovely quality to the photos that you have taken with your grandfathers camera,Id love a wonderful camera like this.
    Fab blog and lovely photography.following and I hope you have a lovely weekend

  13. I'm loving the floor lounging one. These are all very hip, which is great! You definitely need to take more photos with this grand camera of yours~~

    I just followed you through GFC - hope to see more! And, if you're feeling up to it, a look at my blog would be appreciated - I'm brand new and just getting my feet wet.


  14. hello dear, just followed u thru gfc, mind to follow me also? :)

    ps. love ur blog! nice photos! <3