Friday, April 20, 2012

'rock' around the clock

So I'm sitting in kitchen having a late night snack of apple cider and animal crackers (I'm to lazy to find something wholesome) and listening to my super awake brain run an endless chatter of thoughts through my head (three consecutive hours of painting did not quiet it up one decibal.) On a whim, I decided to take a stop at urban outfitter's blog, a site that I always enjoy.

Now to backtrack: earlier in the day a friend and I were talking about jewelry and I mentioned that I really wanted to get back into the swing of wearing necklaces. More specifically, I really wanted to start wearing simple yet statement pendants, preferably ones that look like they never would have been put on a necklace, and that are bright, colorful and on a long simple chain.

Well. Much to my delighted surprise but what did I see upon the page loading: a large picture(with two more beneath it) of a large bright pendant. Simple chain. Very unique.

by Studio Fludd

the image on the left was one of the ones featured on UO 's site, and the white one I took out of the maker's store. The white and the peachy pink are definitly my favorite. I love the way the darker color of the wood is starting to show through them.

These pieces are so unique and one of a kind I cant help being positively smitten.


  1. hello dear, thank you! :) you have an amazing blog!!! i am following you now via blogger and bloglovin.. keep in touch!! xoxo

  2. Great necklaces!

    xo Jennifer