Saturday, April 28, 2012

outfits and outings

Ive been more than a little busy this past week, but here's a quick update: starting with the events farthest away, this is from earlier in the week...

gap dress, vintage vest, vintage santana ankle boots.

sometimes we go places and eat soup and bagels...(that's maureen)
my friend came home visiting from college and as the local pancake house was obscenely crowded we settled on driving about 30minutes farther and going to paneras for breakfast (although we ate more like it was lunch.)

The latest outfit that I haven't posted: going back to my bohemian roots for a gorgeous warm day in april.
H&M maxi dress, H&M cardigan, target sandals

Jewlry: f21 gold locket, vintage owl pendant, and vintage beaded necklace.

my break time, and a shot of the braided detail in my hair.

if you havent heard this song, listen, its my new favorite.

Origins by Tennis, (off their new album Young and Old)

ps. manny thanks again to Cassaela of Undercover Dress-Up Lover


  1. cute looks!

  2. cute dress!! I also really love that header too. Great linework! Did you draw that? (I'm an art teacher part-time so I'm curious) :) Wonderful blog!

  3. Hey, I just looked at your blog and it is amazing I may say. I am following your blog, so I hope you can take a few minutes and check out mine or maybe follow it. Have a nice day :D

  4. hello dear.... you have an amazing blog!!! thank you for visiting mine.. :) i am following you here now.. :) keep in touch!! xoxo