Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet Cassaela

I'm starting a series of featuring other bloggers, artists, and musicians and I thought I'd start it off with a feature on fellow blogger Cassaela from Undercover Dress-up Lover.
So lets get to know this girl with a gorgeous style a little bit better.

 What about blogging drew you to it? I was a complete tomboy when I was younger; even now, I feel the shadow of something like shame, that I care so much about something as trivial as clothes. Blogging is an anonymous outlet I can pour my superficiality into,and its also a nice little place for posting up photos from day trips. Eventually I hope to interview some of my favorites people on to get to know them a little better, because they're real people and real people are interesting.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about you?
That's an interesting question. I'd hope that everyone knew nothing about me, so I'd have a clean slate upon which I could make my own drawing of myself. Sometimes prejudice and snap stereotyping gets in the way.

Was there ever a definitive event in your life that you feel shaped who you turned out to be?
In my short life, I've had the fortune to have never suffered any physical or emotional disaster, so what's shaped me is how kind life has been to me so far. I'm still waiting for it to turn around and be a bitch and make me suffer, but I don't feel like I know life yet. 

What's one thing you love about fashion?
People say not to judge a book by its cover, but we all do anyway because the cover is one of the first impressions we get of something. In reality I'm a exceedingly unremarkable nerdy nerd, but through fashion I can fool myself and others into thinking I'm quite interesting, really. Superficial though it is, clothes is a variable that, if I can control it to control others, I will.

What advice would you give someone on building a personal style?
Ensure your first priority is your own satisfaction when you look in the mirror, knowing that you look fabulous - validation from others will only make you so happy. Don't feel the need to be restrained by labels or set 'styles'. Finally, fashion is not respiration or sensitivity or any of the essential characteristics of life, so don't let it be the death of you.

what inspires you the most in life?
I think what's most inspiring to me are my own family and peers - my best friends in my little niche in the community. I try to surround myself with people who, whether artistically, musically, academically or simply spiritually, are something special, so I've people to aspire to be like.

Does music or art have any impact on the way you dress?
Though I enjoy both of those things, I don't think they really directly impact the way I dress. Perhaps I do have the tendency to compose outfits like one would think about the composition of art, like balancing colours and textures, but I'm sure everyone does that. If I have a song going round in my head, I may put on something to match the genre of that song, like if it's country, I'll be in dresses and flowers, or if it's pop, I'll be in colourful graphic t-shirts and shorts.

Who takes your pictures and how do you compose the shots?
The photos of my looks are purely for LB purposes and have no artistic merit whatsoever. I am many things, but photographer is not one of them. When my garden's in sunshine, I'll take out my dad's camera and tripod and self-timer a massive bunch of full-body shots and hope a couple of them are unawkward enough to use!

One of Cassaela's gorgeous design illustrations inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and a photo she took of St. Paul's Cathedral. Thanks to Cassaela for answering my questions and letting me share her blog with all of you. I love her site and hope you all will too.

Find Cassaela.


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