Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new age, new laptop, new hair and (almost) new summer

Oh hey change....

Well, I have now officially crossed the bridge (what a cliche!) into adulthood: legally that is, emotionally i am, somedays, still no more then a child. And its a strange feeling. I dont feel different. I felt older and more responsible when I turned 17, even though I actually couldn't really do anything different. Now, I can buy cigarettes and go to hookah bars (oh wait... i dont smoke), buy porn (oh wait... im not into that), stay out past 11:30 (umm...did that on a regular basis anyway: first offense is only a warning), and gamble (well...I do like poker harhar)

So what to do now... well, suffer through the last few days of high school. graduate. play with my brand new toy (aka macbook pro). work. cram as many adventures/concerts/trips to Philly into summer. work. save money. go to college (ahh college, the event im alternatively trembling with excitement and trembling with fear over).

Speaking of Philly (look at that lead in, soo not obvious) I believe I mentioned my eager anticipation of seeing Justin Townes Earle but never actually followed through with some photos. So to that end...

The waterfront at Penn's Landing.

Lunch on the ledge with Isaacs and cheetos! (check out Maureen's beloved yellow shorts and pink heart sunglasses) and the mile long hike from our parking space at penn's landing to South Street.

Not gonna lie, it was kind of a weird day. The traffic was weird, the gps was weird: it made us get off the schuylkill go around philly, get back on the schuylkill and go through center philly...not exactly a joy ride. And parking, jeez! We couldnt find any TLA parking, i couldnt talk to a real person on the phone to ask about it, and all the parking lots google recomended, the gps couldnt find...strange...
After eating we wandered around south street, stopped for milkshakes at Jhonny Rockets and then popped into Retrospective, the best thrift store, practically unmarked and hidden in plain sight with a treasure trove of gorgeous peices.
and finally the show..

The adorable opener, (and really good!) southern doll of an act Tristin
and finally JTE himself:


  1. Looks like a fun trip. Hair is cute! Thanks for your comment about the lip gloss. It is kind of expensive. You should get them to give you a few samples of different colors at sephora before you commit.

  2. awesome and we really love your hair!

    don't forget, this is the last day you can enter our Kralenschatten give-away, you just have to leave your emailaddres, so we can contact you in case you won ;)


  3. nice post!

  4. you look so gorgeous! love the outfit! following you xo
    please follow me too!:)

  5. You are so artsy. I love it. I think I have new inspiration with your blog. Once I looked at it I couldn't stop. Plus you are so stylish! Look forward to seeing more from you.

    Ps. Thanks for the sweet comments :)